We are pleased to introduce you to our family! The teachers at Hoame bring with them years of training in a variety of different traditions, styles and approaches to meditation. We encourage you to explore and see which teacher resonates most with you.


About: Angela is a Reiki Master and Certified Yoga/Aerial Yoga instructor and Alternative healer. She offers a variety of mindful meditations but is best known for her chakra healing meditation. During her sessions, Angela draws upon different meditation tools and techniques such as breathing, visualization, aromas, sounds, Reiki, etc. to help stimulate the senses and create a safe, relaxing space for students to reach a deeper meditation.

Mantra I live by: “Be the change you wish to see.” – Gandhi

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m usually cooking things up in the kitchen.

Three words that describe me: Adventurous, free spirited and creative.

To me Hoame is: The path that will lead you back home to yourself.


About: My style is Tao (like my name!) A combination of the Yin and the Yang in a format of Vinyasa, Movement / Flow and Stillness. The classes are all levels with some challenges and leave students feeling rejuvenated, balanced and joyful.

Mantra I live by: “Waheguru” from Kundalini tradition describing the awaking from darkness to light.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m under a tree.

Three words that describe me are: Yang, Yin and Tao.

To me Hoame is: Aum.


About: I feel humbled every practice that I get to share this gift of yoga with all walks of life. It makes my heart smile & my soul sing. It is an absolute gift & fills my cup every time.  When you come to my classes you can expect a very down to earth approach that’s fun & comfortable for every participant to be authentic.

Mantra I live by: Create. Love. Serve.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m catching up on Young & the Restless HAHA!!! (I am not even playin’! Lol)

Three words that describe me: Conduit of love.

To me Hoame is: Wherever my mother’s cooking is!


About: I am a full time yoga and meditation teacher and reiki master. My classes are warm, welcoming, and accessible to absolutely everyone. My intention always is to empower individuals to embrace their true self, and to guide them in connecting to that space in every moment of every day.

Mantra I live by: Get comfortable feeling big. Because that big thing you feel coming, is you

When I’m not on the cushion: I can usually be found in a Kundalini yoga class, or connecting with friends talking about past lives:)

Three words that describe me: Warm, loving, supportive.

To me Hoame is: Where ever you feel like you… the REAL you.


About: I am fortunate to have learned about meditation in travels to India, Bali, Thailand and other places with deep roots in the practise. Today, meditation has changed my life in more ways than I can count, and so I can’t wait to share this practise with you! My hope is that you’ll find classes with me to be intention-driven, accessible, and a reminder of the stillness that lives within you – all while being led by unwavering compassion.

Mantra I live by: Allow yourself to be here, now.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m practicing yoga, in nature (detoxing from technology), or with my nose in a book.

Three words that describe me: Curious, sensitive, empath.

To me Hoame is: The space we create with each inhale of a new moment, a fresh breath.


About: With hopes to facilitate self-discovery and mindfulness (or simply, practice!) – you can expect fully balanced, thoughtfully sequenced classes with a focus on flexibility and strength building. All classes are breath-focused, allowing students to lead from within and invite awareness into the body – while simultaneously reducing stress and energizing to begin (or continue) your day. With a combination of skillful guidance that ensures safety, alignment and healing – all sequences are practical and easily incorporated into everyday life.

Mantra I live by: Honor yourself, mind & body.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m exploring my interests & consistently striving for further self-development – you can catch me anywhere from volunteering or assisting others with their creative projects, to wardrobe design, makeup artistry, photography, dance – and of course practicing yoga. The options are endless!

Three words that describe me: Energetic, warm, understanding.

To me Hoame is: Community.


About: All of my classes will not only included an exploration of yoga/movement and meditation to expand ones inner awareness, but will explore the breath alongside life affirming philosophy. Come to be enlivened and grounded. Calm your mind, relax your body, and open your heart centre.

Mantra I live by:  I am blissful, I am Immortal.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m eagerly exploring nature, vintage shopping and enjoying time with my partner, cat, and dog. I might also be planning my next adventure somewhere far off in the world.

Three words that describe me: Passionate, nurturing, and adventurous.

To me Hoame is: Where compassion and gratitude are.


About: Classes with me are offerings from the heart…very relaxing, nourishing, peaceful & powerful. I’ve been trained in many varieties of movement & meditation styles and I’m particularly passionate about healing through sound, functional + fun movement & zen practises. To me, no matter the style, my intention is to guide you on a journey into yourself; where you are allowed to make space to slow things down, pay attention and perhaps cultivate a little curiosity on the way. Often I’ll incorporate songs & sounds and sometimes it’ll be a surrender to silence. Come exactly as you are

Mantra I live by: “Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished.”- Lao Tzu

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m dancing, singing, painting, reading, writing poetry, coaching amazing women, guiding retreats, walking by the water (or swimming in it), chilling with my love and our friends/family, listening to music, forest bathing, drinking tea, eating all the cookies and dreaming about my next adventure.

Three words that describe me: Creative, passionate and joyful (…a rebellious adventurer).

To me Hoame is: Waking up early to greet the sun in silence and prepare for a new day’s adventure, followed by a good little DJ session to get my soul singing & body moving!


About: I spent many years connecting people with nature in the Canadian Rockies and brings that same spirit to my classes. Every class will involve sharing new perspectives on the practice of meditation and how to make it enjoyable, while exploring our own nature. My  philosophy of “the student is the teacher” means that each class will include an opportunity, for those wanting to, to share about your practice – this way, we grow together.

Mantra I live by: “This moment.” – A reminder that this moment is the best moment that has ever existed.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m In a chair! I do most of my meditation in a chair because being comfortable helps me focus on going deeper.

Three words that describe me: Very. Tight. Pants.

To me Hoame is: A feeling. Meditation is a great way to feel it wherever and whenever you want.


About: To me, meditation is the chance to escape from distractions and truly tune in to your imagination and heart’s desires. In my classes I explore how to access the parts of ourselves we sometimes keep hidden in order to grow and evolve. Every class is a chance to re-connect to yourself through releasing and inviting in conditions that leave you uplifted, recharged and balanced.

Mantra I live by: If you have to force it, leave it.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m planning my next destination, workout or meal. Have any suggestions?

Three words that describe me: Warm, bubbly, evolving.

To me Hoame is: Where you can relax, let go and just be yourself.


About: Learning and teaching is what moves Fernanda. Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga have been an important part of her life for over 20 years.

Having had her own studio for 8 years and managed some other big studios, yoga/meditation teacher trainings, dozens of retreats shaped her career and life.

Teaching for almost 20 years made her embrace life and people in a more profound, compassionate and resourceful way. Her passion for Meditation pushed her to study, practice and teach in Brazil, US and India, Nepal and China, and of course Canada having accomplished 800h YA Teacher Training, 300h in Yoga Therapy/Ayurveda and 12 years studying and teaching Meditation Fundamentals and Mindfulness.

She has also been to several different countries in search for enhancing her teaching methods and offer the best yoga experience to her students. Bachelor in Literature and Languages, she uses her communication skills to adapt and to create the right energy for the style which is being taught, either a dynamic and energetic themed class or a soothing, relaxing experience, always though awareness enhancing techniques.

She sees life as an opportunity for growth and meditation is her fundamental stone for developing heath, strength, balance and peace of mind.

Besides being a dedicated teacher and student she’s also an animal and nature lover – not really a distinct characteristic among meditators though lol – ah! She also loves Brownies! Well, who doesn’t?

Mantra I live by: Smile, breathe and go slowly. – Thich Nhat Hanh

When I’m not on the cushion: on my mat practicing and teaching yoga!
On my bike, in my garden, having tea with a friend, traveling somewhere to lear more about my inner and outer world, in my kitchen cooking, reading a book, breathing and just being human

Three words that describe me: Friendly, Curious, Peaceful.. (from my friends, colleagues and family, lol… if you have a different impression please let me know, and blame my friends!)

To me Hoame is: Hoame is where your heart truly is.


About: Meditation is our place to come back home to ourselves no matter what is happening externally. In my class, radical self-love and openness are cultivated through meeting ourselves in it ALL – the messiness, love, radiance, glory, frustrations and setbacks we navigate each day. I want you to find that place that dwells within you where your vibrancy, power, and self-compassion is unwavering.

Mantra I live by: Precision. Gentleness. Let go

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m typing away on my laptop, creating a mess in my kitchen or on my bike riding the streets of Toronto.

Three words that describe me: Vibrant. Grounded. Intuitive.

To me Hoame is: that gooey feeling of ahhhhh – here we are.


About: I’m known for bringing an easy-going style to my teachings and encouraging my students to listen to their bodies and stay in the present moment. I think of my classes as the slow burn, we start slow and build into the challenges quietly, finishing with long held poses and stretches.

Mantra I live by: If it doesn’t flow, let it go.

When I’m not on the cushion: I’m typing away on my laptop, creating a mess in my kitchen or on my bike riding the streets of Toronto.

Three words that describe me: Passion, perseverance, down-to-earth.

To me Hoame is: Connection. When we feel connected to Self, we feel connected to those around us and our community.

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