100 Hour Meditation
Teacher Training

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FALL – Limited Spots Available!

When: October 17 2020 – November 8, 2020

Saturday + Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm 


Training Location: Hoame Meditation, 430 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1S7

Cost: $1850 + HST

Includes: PDF manual, Hoame notebook and pen, chakra crystal bag, and three month unlimited pass to Hoame.



When: November 14 2020 – December 6, 2020

Saturday + Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm 


Training Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: $1850 + HST

Includes: PDF manual, Hoame notebook and pen, chakra crystal bag, and three month unlimited pass to Hoame.


Spaces are limited in each training so register early!


Has meditation completely changed your life? Do you want to be able to share mindfulness with others? Or are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and how to effectively use your meditation practice to help you handle and improve your own life?


Join our Meditation Teacher Training!


Hoame is launching our very own Meditation Teacher Training, an introductory 100 hour training that will set a solid foundation for those who are looking to become meditation teachers, and is also open to students who are looking to further expand their knowledge on various meditation styles and techniques. The course will include, philosophy, meditation history, the science behind meditation, and a hands-on approach on how to guide others during a meditation session. 

Hoame is Toronto’s trusted studio for premiere meditation and the only studio run by two masters-level mental health clinicians and post-secondary educators.  Hoame is also the co-creator of the world’s first online academic certification in mindfulness with leading academic institution, McMaster University. 

The training will be led by Hoame teacher, Fernanda Cano, who has been teaching and leading trainings since 2001. Her journey includes a deep relationship with mindfulness, Yogic and Tibetan meditation, 5 elements healing lineage, and specializations in breathwork. Fernanda is also over 2000-hour master certified internationally including India, China, Tibet, Japan and Nepal.


The training will also include guest teachers from the Hoame community with specialized expertise including: sound healing, breathwork, chakras, personal development and yoga nidra. A component of this training will also be led by Hoame’s co-founders Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW and Stephanie Kersta, MSc, RP who will host a discussion on the psychological and scientific side of meditation’s effectiveness on the brain. 


The program consists of 80 in class hours, and minimum 20 studio public meditation session hours, where students will be required to attend meditation classes at Hoame. The training will begin every morning with a group meditation, and also include practice teaching hours. 


The Training will include topics on the following:

Facilitation techniques and strategies

Meditation Modalities

Meditation Science and Neuroscience 

Meditation History and Philosophy including Eastern and Western approaches

Modern and Safe Healing Approaches  

Personal Development 

The Business of meditation


What you will gain: 

• A deeper understanding of the history of meditation

• Various approaches to meditation and techniques used, including mudras, chanting, and mantras

• Confidence to lead a group in a guided meditation session 

• Strengthening your own meditation practice

• A 3 month free pass to unlimited public meditation classes at Hoame


Hear From Our Grads!

“I took this training to learn more about meditation for myself. I loved and absorbed every moment of this training and have been inspired to teach and share this incredible knowledge with others. Nanda is an amazing teacher, she has helped me to gain inner strength and confidence that I didn’t have before I started the training. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with like minded, positive and kind people and because of that, my life feels more abundant!” – Darshika


“Taking the Hoame MTT course has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so much, about meditation and about myself, and have made lasting beautiful connections throughout I made throughout the process. I am so grateful for this experience and I highly recommend taking this course!” – Lara


“I feel so lucky to have caught this session as it truly went above and beyond what I had in mind.  The material was on point and very thorough – it really provided the background knowledge needed to feel confident in my meditation delivery.  The instructor, Nanda, is an amazing resource and her presence is so beautiful and calming. She really provides a safe space to allow yourself to open and experiment with your practice….I can’t end this testimonial without adding how wonderful the group was. There is something special about having a group of like-minded open individuals that come together and learn about something they love. There was connection and camaraderie, even more so during such a trying time.  It was a truly a blessed experience!” – Lesley 


“Nanda is a beautiful source of knowledge and a selfless giver. For it is only by going inward can we truly learn and know how to live outward… I have never participated in a more fulfilling training.  Whether you do the program for professional reasons, or for your own journey, you will learn and discover things you did not anticipate and will come out the other end being grateful that you listened to the whisper and embraced the opportunity” – Noella




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