Hoame for All
100 Hour MTT Scholarship

Apply Now for Sept-Oct

We believe that all humans, regardless of background, circumstances, or how they identify, should have the same equal access to resources, education, and opportunities. This scholarship is our small contribution towards helping to create a more vibrant, rich, and inclusive mindfulness community to foster the sharing of more diverse perspectives, knowledge, and compassion for all. 

The Hoame for All scholarship is a partial scholarship for one student that will fund 50% of the tuition amount in order to make it more accessible for those who face barriers that may prevent equal access to opportunities.



Application Deadline: August 23, 2021

The chosen applicant will be notified by August 26, 2021.


Who can apply?


Those who either:

• Live with a mental health condition, disability, or chronic illness

• Identify as BIPOC or LGBTQ2S+

• Have a financial barrier that would impact their ability to otherwise take this training

• Are veterans


All applicants are asked to have an existing meditation practice (at home or in-studio/online) and the intention to put the knowledge and skills gained from the training towards a teaching capacity to benefit their community.


Application process


To apply for the partial scholarship, please complete our application form HERE.

The chosen recipient of the scholarship will be selected by a panel made up of Hoame staff and faculty. 


Have questions?


We’d love to answer them! Please email us at info@hoame.ca