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One conscious breath in and out is a meditation - Eckhart Tolle

Our guided classes will take any intimidation out of meditation. Each class is uniquely curated by our talented instructors who will guide you with their voice, soundtracks and specially designed lighting themes. Hoame props, essential oils, premium elixir shots and cold/warm towels are included.



Tune in to create harmony and balance using your own energy and the teacher’s energy in this reiki inspired class. Energy work will leave you feeling clearer, calmer, and restored.


In darkness, melt away stress stored in the body and reconnect with yourself through this body-scan meditation. We’ll note where tension lies and work to release and relax each muscle through this powerful mental massage in the dark.


Cultivate a practice of compassion and gratitude in our candle-lit dark room. Proceeds from each Heart class will be donated to local charitable causes close to our heart.


A basic class that introduces you to the core essentials of a meditation practice. Learn different postures and breathing techniques great for beginners or practiced meditators looking to brush up on their knowledge.


Classes focus on evoking a deep meditative state of conscious relaxation between sleep and wakefulness using the practice of yoga nidra. The use of props including blankets and bolsters helps to deepen this calming practice. Note: You will not be sleeping!


*Temporarily paused*

Get your sweat on at this high-intensity meditation class, designed to challenge the body and mind with a great soundtrack thrown in. In this practice, we find strength in movement, strength in stillness, appreciation and a profound love for the physical body.


In this highly meditative experience you will learn and explore a number of different breathing styles to implement both on and off the cushion. You will also practice intense somatic breathing to release stagnant energy, relieve the body from stress/anxiety, and help heal unprocessed emotion. Breathe I is for those familiar with breathwork. Breathe II is for those more advanced.


Become more conscious of your feelings and emotions. We’ll use the practice of mindful awareness as a tool to help us observe our wide range of emotions and learn to manage our reactions to them without letting them overpower us.


A dreamy mix of long holds, deep restorative positions and lay down meditation allowing your body to fully relax.


Crystal singing bowls, chimes, and other healing instruments will take you into a deep journey of relaxation and healing during this sound bath.


Under our starry sky dedicated sounds, words, and phrases will be recited to train your busy mind to focus, unleash inner creativity, and reduce stress. Mantra magic.


This class combines the benefits of acupuncture and meditation in our plant powered Light room to leave you feeling focused and calm. During the class, you will receive 1 acupuncture needle from a certified acupuncturist.


Grow your mind and body with this 60-minute meditation class that incorporates dynamic stretches, hands on adjustments, and the use of props to help lengthen and release. You will leave feeling tall and tranquil.

Deep Mind

Enter the darkness! This immersive experience takes place in total darkness using sensory deprivation alongside guidance from your teacher to allow you to connect with your deep conscious mind.


Take time to quiet the mind and create room for the imagery of your desired intentions. Through a combination of meditation and manifesting you will leave you feeling ready to take action!


Explore different meditation & visualization techniques to nourish and awaken the body’s vital energy centres. Clearing and supporting our 7 chakras helps promote deep peace and stability throughout our entire system.


This loving-kindness class will help us develop compassion, kindness, and non-judgement for ourselves and for others. Leave feeling softer, lifted, and grateful.


My Hoame

Our studio becomes your home to practice as you wish. Choose the light or dark room and use any props that you’d like. Meditation is unguided, however noise cancelling headsets provide relaxing ambient music and guided meditations from our instructors to elevate your meditative experience.


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