There is always something going on at Hoame! Join us in our Discover room as our experts help us explore some of today’s latest health and wellness trends. Sign-up for our workshops & events below.

Date: November 15, 2018
Cost: $85

Kombucha Brewing

This workshop explores the health benefits of kombucha including its link to gut health. Learn how to brew your own kombucha and taste different types and varieties throughout this workshop.  Led by the amazing Rowena Leung – registered dietician and wellness blogger.

Included:A kombucha blind tasting this 60-minute talk, a kombucha starter kit which includes everything you need to brew your own at home.

Date: November 22, 2018
Cost: $85

Colour your Chakras

This workshop focuses on the 7 major energy centers (chakras) of the body. These chakras coincide with the biology of the human body, including the endocrine system. Learn the significance behind these energy centers and their associated energy fields to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Run by an energy healer, this workshop is sure to help energy flow better throughout your system.

Included: A 60-minute talk, a take home candle, and a 30-minute chakra focused meditation – lights will change colour during the meditation to focus you on the colour and intention of that particular chakra.

Date: November 29th, 2018
Cost: $85

Your Brain on Meditation

This workshop focuses on the neuroscience behind meditation. Run by an actual neuroscientist we will explore the research of meditation and its effect on the brain and subsequently on the body. We will also explore how we can measure and capture these effects with today’s technology.

Included: A 60-minute talk by the coolest neuroscientist we know, Lilian Riad-Allan, biofeedback testing pre and post meditation, and a 30 minute meditation.

Date: December 6, 2018
Cost: $85

Crystal and Cristal

This workshop focuses on the benefits and uses of crystals. Is it just some celebrity fad? Or is there actual science to back up some of these claims? Run by the extraordinary Shivani – professional lawyer AND energy healer! (what a combo!)

Included: A glass of champagne, a 60-minute talk about power of crystals, make your own crystal starter kit (choose 5 stones and velvet bag), a 30-minute energy meditation with your crystals.

Date: Sunday, Dec 9th. Morning Market: 9-12am Afternoon Market: 2-5pm
Cost: $35 per ticket / $60 for two

Hoame for the Holidays

We’re Hoame for the Holidays! Join us at our holiday market Sunday December 9th for a mindful (not stressful!) experience. Choose if you want to attend our Morning Market 9am-12pm or our Afternoon Market 2-5pm. We’ll have a variety of holiday vendors and treats for you as well as yoga classes by lululemon in the Light room and Hoame meditation classes in the Dark room!

Included:a shopping bag, slippers, adaptogenic hot chocolate and access to the two classes

Date: December 13, 2018
Cost: $85

Plant-Based Wine and Cheese

Interested in this new plant based food trend? Not sure if a plant based diet is for? And does it even taste good? We walk you through the benefit of plant based eating and then take it one step further by offering you a vegan cheese and charcuterie board with expert biodynamic wine pairings designed alongside a sommelier.

Included: A 60 minute talk on the benefits of plant based diets, a vegan nut cheese and chatcuterie board paired with biodynamic wines, a brief mindful tasting meditation and a candle light ambience.

Date: Jan 2- Feb 19 Wednesday’s 1:15pm 3:15pm
Cost: $450

Way of the Consciousness Explorer- Meditation School

The extremely gifted Jeff Warren brings his popular seven-week course Hoame! Course objectives are to give participants a solid understanding of the dynamics of the meditative mind, and to ensure that by the end of the course they are established in their own customized practice, which they can then use as a departure point for personal growth, self-regulation, and/ or existential adventuring.

Included: Seven 2-hour classes, weekly reading, sitting and moving assignments, meditation workbook, guided meditation mp3s.

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