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January 29
*Virtual* Intro to Mindfulness Workshop

9am - 1pm

What does it really mean to be mindful? How can we live mindfully? What happens to us physically and emotionally when we practice mindfulness?

Join Hoame teacher, Aliana, in an eye-opening 4-hour online workshop where we'll explore the life changing practice that is mindfulness! Learn where the practice of mindfulness originated, the science and neuroscience behind it, how to weave mindfulness into your own life, and the ways in which it can enrich and benefit your relationships, career, and health.

This training is run online through Zoom and includes a 2-week unlimited meditation pass to our studio!

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February 3
Clear Your Energy - Tapping & Reiki


This event focuses on the healing benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT. Learn what EFT is all about, get the latest science behind its benefits and how to do it on your own. You will also be guided through a sequence to experience the healing effects of tapping. The evening will then end with a group Reiki session to clear any residual stagnant energy and seal in the benefits of the healing.

EFT is referred to as the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is similar to acupuncture using the acupressure points along the energy meridians of the body.

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February 12
Mini Tarot Readings

11am - 3pm
$40+ HST/ per 20 minute mini-tarot reading

When you show up to hear what the Universe has to say, the Universe responds! Intuitive Tarot and Oracle readings will tap into the guidance you seek. You can bring your questions or show up open, the messages are always waiting for you. Includes a 20 minute mini tarot reading.

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February 13
Calm Connection - Valentine's Workshop

Join Queenie and Jonathan Phair for a workshop that incorporates couples yoga, restorative practice, empathetic touch, and deep connection with your partner. Through this practice you'll learn just how much you can grow together as a couple when you invite shared experiences into your relationship.

February 16
Full Moon Cacao & Meditation Circle


Join us for a Full Moon Cacao & Meditation Circle led by Denise!

This evening of cacao, community, and connection will include:

- An opening talk on the origins and benefits of Cacao and how to walk in right relationship with it
- A cacao invocation and drinking of cacao with insight into the Full Moon as well as the Mayan Cosmovision and how you can attune to the energy to support your own life
- Inner reflection journaling
- Heart glow meditation & sound bath
- Closing of the circle through gratitude and blessings

The cacao provided is ceremonial grade and is sourced from Ruk'u'x Ulew, an all woman co-operative that harvests and makes the Cacao down in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. A portion of proceeds from this event will go towards supporting Guatemala and the Mayan Cacao community.

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February 26
Aura Readings & Photography w/ Aliana

11am - 3pm
$40 / 10 min session + photo

Visualize what you generate and emanate with an aura portrait photo & reading at the studio! We’ll capture your beautiful energy field to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your mind-body connection. Each 10 minute session includes a photo of you and your beautiful aura, a reading, and a crystal!

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