Mindfulness in Modern Society

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In partnership with McMaster University Continuing Education, Hoame is thrilled to present Mindfulness in Modern Society, an online Certificate of Completion program.

This program will provide a comprehensive overview of the history and origins of mindfulness, foundational philosophies of mindfulness and the proven scientific benefits of mindful practice. Each course will explore modern and clinical applications of this ancient practice, exploring the current societal shift into living more mindfully and how we can apply all of these learnings into our personal and professional lives.

By taking this program, you will receive an invitation to a one-day retreat at Hoame, a student discount to ​our services, an invitation to our private Facebook group and our newsletter.

There are two Certificate of Completion streams to choose from:

Take 3 of 5 courses – Earn Fundamentals of Mindfulness, Certificate of Completion

Take all 5 courses – Earn the Advanced Principles and Practice of Mindfulness, Certificate of Completion


MND 101 The Origin and Philosophies of Mindfulness

MND 102 The Neuroscience and Science of Mindfulness

MND 103 Meditation

MND 104 Living Mindfully

MND 105 Mindfulness Based Intervention


For full information on course schedules, fees, and to sign up, visit the link above.