The Power of Self-Care: What’s in it for me?

Taking care of ourselves is something we do everyday, right?  We get ourselves up in the morning, we brush our teeth, feed ourselves, get ourselves out the door, and some days we may even add in a little meditation, yoga or exercise.  We hear the words “take care” all the time, as a form of goodbye, even from strangers.  But what does it really mean, and what exactly is self-care?

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Keep Calm and Ommm: How Meditation Can Ease Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly making lists in your head? Or like your brain is being pulled in multiple directions? If you’ve responded “yes” than you have experienced mental chatter which many people in modern society live with every single day. Mental chatter is comprised of daily stressors which can be both positive and negative, and quite often, stress inducing.

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