Getting a Scents of Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is one of the oldest  senses we have, and plays an important social and emotional role in our lives, such has helping us to determine potential dangers, viable food, and even potential mating partners (Sarafoleanu, Mella, Georgescu, and Perederco, 2009).  Knowing this about the power of smell, it may not surprise you to hear that one form of stress relief that can be utilized involves our sense of smell – have you guessed it yet?  Aromatherapy!  Let’s take a further look at Aromatherapy.

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The Science of Stress Reduction: Facing ‘Bears’ in the Woods

The term stress is thrown around so often in everyday lingo; it’s sometimes hard to know what it actually really means. So when we talk about stress, what are we exactly referring to? According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (2016), stress is the body’s response to a real or perceived threat, meant to prepare someone to take action in order to get them out of harm’s way. This is commonly referred to as the ‘flight-or-fight’ response. 

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When Work is Only a Click Away

Feeling stressed at work is almost inevitable in modern society, even if you’re living your dream job. Work can feel inescapable and that is because it often is. Advances in technology have led to an increase in working hours including evening, late night, and weekend work (Härmä, 2006). Prior to smartphones, many people would leave the office at 5 PM and go home to enjoy time away from work. This is simply no longer the case. It’s difficult for people to leave the physical work environment when it’s only a click away.

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The Power of Self-Care: What’s in it for me?

Taking care of ourselves is something we do everyday, right?  We get ourselves up in the morning, we brush our teeth, feed ourselves, get ourselves out the door, and some days we may even add in a little meditation, yoga or exercise.  We hear the words “take care” all the time, as a form of goodbye, even from strangers.  But what does it really mean, and what exactly is self-care?

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Keep Calm and Ommm: How Meditation Can Ease Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly making lists in your head? Or like your brain is being pulled in multiple directions? If you’ve responded “yes” than you have experienced mental chatter which many people in modern society live with every single day. Mental chatter is comprised of daily stressors which can be both positive and negative, and quite often, stress inducing.

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