Hoame is the city’s one-stop destination for enhanced mind and body services. Enjoy our curated selection of seated meditation, mindful movement and higher intensity meditative classes. Discover our breathtakingly immersive light & dark themed studios, salt cave, infrared sauna, workshops/specialty events and more.

Hoame Happenings

Connect with the Hoame community and check the schedule regularly for mindfully curated events and workshops. These elevated experiences will feature influential thought leaders and cover trending topics. Discover something new and have fun while doing it!

Meditation is all about returning Hoame to yourself.

Corporate Wellness Program at Hoame Toronto

Workplace stress has become an epidemic. Over one in four Canadian workers claim to have high to extreme levels of stress daily and stress related health problems are responsible for up to 80% of doctor visits. Finding work-life balance, job satisfaction, and living a healthy lifestyle, seem like a pipe dream. The unfortunate reality is that if mental health is if left unaddressed, it will worsen.

Our modernized approach is centered around the AACCTT principle; Assessment & Analytics, Customization & Certification, Treatment & Training. This stems from the belief that the key to a successful mental health strategy is creating change through ACTION.

A Message from the Founders

Let us be the first to welcome you Hoame!

We know first-hand that our modern world can be incredibly fast paced, loud, plugged in and let’s face it – just so darn stressful at times. We created Hoame to be a respite from all that big city noise – a place to slow down, disconnect and let it all go. The practice of meditation is all about returning home to yourself – and that’s just what we want you to do at Hoame. So, let this message be your exclusive invitation to come in and spend time with us. Make yourself at home while you hang out in our living room, attend a meditation class, have a sweat or salt experience or discover something new at one of our workshops and training. If you need anything at all our knowledgeable and thoughtful staff and instructors are always here to help. We look forward to meeting you.

Live Life Lighter,

Carolyn + Stephanie

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